On this resource page you’ll find the tools and websites I’m using for my working methods to earn money online. You should check out the resources below and decide if they could be helpful for your projects too. The list will be updated frequently, so make sure you come back soon!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase or use a service. There won’t be any additional costs for you; in some cases you’ll even receive a special discount. I do not get paid by the companies below just for mentioning them here. I’m a real customer and decided to recommend their services as I believe them to be helpful for achieving your goals too.

Websites and Blogs

WordPress: A free blog publishing platform that is easy to use and loved by search engines and visitors. Most of my projects are based on WordPress.

Namecheap: The best domain name registrar is offering 24/7 support, cheap prices and free Whois protection with every domain purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

ScrapeBox: Definitely more than a blog-commenting tool! I use it whenever I need to extract a big amount of data and for finding fast public proxies.

Private Proxies

BuyProxies.org: Private proxies are needed for creating social media accounts and using SEO tools. BuyProxies.org offers cheap prices and very fast private proxies.


Google Analytics: Get to know the visitors of your site better. How long do they stay on the site? Which page do they click on most? Where are they coming from? Google Analytics has the answer for free.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

ShareASale: Become an affiliate for products on ShareASale or find affiliates promoting your product. Big brands like adidas as well as small businesses are using ShareASale.

Clickbank: Clickbank is another big affiliate marketing network with main emphasis on virtual products (ebooks, online courses, video tutorials etc.).

Commission Junction: CJ is used by a lot of web hosting providers, but you can find all kinds of products to promote. Of course you can also use CJ to find affiliates for your products and services.

Advertising Networks

Google AdSense: Participate in Google’s famous pay-per-click advertising network. There is none that pays you better. Your visitors will be shown highly relevant ads and every click earns you money.

BuySellAds: Your high traffic websites should sell advertising space on BuySellAds. If you want to advertise on big websites, you can do so here.

Freelancing Websites

Freelancer.com: The global outsourcing marketplace on freelancer.com offers you the opportunity to find a specialist in a certain field or to provide your work as a freelancer.

Website Flipping

Flippa: You can buy or sell websites on the Flippa marketplace. A lot of interesting opportunities for earning and investing money are there, but be careful, what sounds too good to be true probably is.

Buy/Sell Online

Fiverr: People do things for $5 on the Fiverr marketplace. This gives you the perfect opportunity to buy and sell services quickly.

If you want to know how I earn money online through using these resources, check out my working methods to earn money online.