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9 Working Methods To Earn Money Online

The internet is full of books, videos and articles about helping others to earn money online. However, I found these guides often to not be very helpful. The advice is either too vague, the information is outdated, or it seems that the author has not actually tested the method. I’m about to show you 9 methods that do work!

1. Create And Sell Word Clouds

Word clouds are words related to a certain topic visualized as a cloud. People are looking for them on Fiverr, stock photo sites and T-shirt stores. They can be created with free and paid online tools – no design skills needed! Create amazing looking word clouds and sell them online. Also available as video tutorial!

2. Resell Fiverr Gigs

A lot of talented people are offering their skills for $5 on Fiverr. A lot of companies and individuals are looking for cheap services, e.g. logo design. Can you see how this fits together? Be the middlemen and resell Fiverr gigs on freelancing websites. I show you exactly how this works.

3. Become A Freelance Translator

If you speak two or more languages, you should consider monetizing your language skills through translating. Good command over your native language is required; the only other thing you’ll need is my ultimate guide on how to become a freelance translator!

4. Work As A Software Tester

All major software companies let people test their software before releasing it to the public. This is paid quite well and everyone can participate after some short training. I’ll present you the software testing platform I’m using and give you everything you need to know to earn money online through software testing.

5. Clickbank And YouTube: The $5 Actor Method

This beginner friendly method includes hiring an actor for $5 to create a testimonial video of a Clickbank product. This video will then be uploaded to YouTube with a link to your squeeze page in the description. Start making money through Clickbank and YouTube.

6. Create And Sell Custom QR Codes

Black and white QR codes are boring. Learn how to create colorful QR codes with your brand’s logo inside. You can use them yourself or sell them to businesses around the globe. I show you how to create and sell custom QR codes.

7. Sponsor successful YouTube videos or channels

Learn how to offer sponsorship to YouTube videos or channels. The channel owner will put links to your affiliate landing page in their description. You’ll bank from the cheap but good converting traffic. Start sponsoring YouTube videos or channels and make a passive income.

8. Make A Porn Site

25% of all search engine requests are porn related, it is a multi-billion dollar industry and porn will exist till the day men lose their genitals. Don’t wait and make your own porn site! You are not required to create the videos yourself, nor do you have to hurt any copyrights. Create a hot looking porn site with lots of videos, and send traffic to it on autopilot.

9. Build Adult Autoblogs

An autoblog is a blog that publishes content automatically. Once set up, it will get traffic without any great effort and make you an income through advertisements. This works especially well in the adult niche. I explain you the process of creating adult autoblogs in-depth.

The Following Methods Are Coming Soon

I have not written about all methods to earn money online yet, but I’ve tested much more than those currently published on this website. I want to give you an insight into what you can expect in near future:

Kindle ebook writing

The Kindle marketplace is growing very fast. I show you how to write Kindle ebooks and how you can let others write them for you. I include advice on both novels and non-fictional books. As I have books in several languages on the marketplace, you will learn how to get your books translated and sell them internationally.

Creating Amazon/AdSense authority sites

An authority site is a website that has loads of information around a certain topic. It is a place visitors can find everything they are looking for. Those sites rank high on Google without much backlinking. I teach how to create authority sites that are either monetized through AdSense or the Amazon affiliate program.

Mobile app development

Nowadays there is a mobile app for almost everything. Well, there are some niches that still have place for us. I show you those and teach you how to develop apps without any programming skills. The next step is then to rank the apps on app marketplaces and get famous websites to review your app.

Developing calculators

We are often lazy and many people hate mathematics anyway. However, there are niches where people need to calculate a lot of specific stuff a normal calculator can’t handle. I create these web-based calculators, promote them in the niche and monetize them through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Creating jingles

Jingles are short melodies used in advertising. They have to be catchy and fit to the product. You don’t need to have any clue about music theory. I know how you can create these easily and sell them on websites where people are desperately waiting for new jingles.

Selling WordPress themes

There are over 60 million WordPress websites on the internet. Many webmasters are buying premium WordPress templates to stick out. The market is quite satisfied by major web developing companies, but there are niches left with very low competition and financially strong customers. I’ll guide you through the process of developing and then selling WordPress themes to a target audience.

Mobile game development

Android and iPhone games are a quite new market. After “Flappy Birds” everyone knows how much money there is to make in the mobile gaming industry. You don’t need to be a programmer or a designer to develop mobile apps, at least not with the tools I’m introducing you to.

Opening Fiverr gigs

There are still niches with low competition on Fiverr. The services offered there look very complicated and time-consuming, however, with the right tools they are just a few minutes of work. I show you where you can find these tools and get your first customers.

Selling stock photos

Webmasters, journalists and designers from all over the word pay for stock photos. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to create them. With my method you don’t even need a photo camera. However, I also explain how to take pictures with a physical camera and sell them on various stock photo sites.

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