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Drive Traffic To Your Adult Website On Autopilot

This guide will show you how to drive traffic to your adult website on autopilot, meaning once set up the amount of traffic coming to your site will increase automatically. This is possible through building Tumblr blogs. I will show you how to create a new Tumblr blog related to your niche that publishes images from other Tumblr blogs with a link to your website underneath the pictures. The blog, the numbers of followers and the traffic to your website will grow hands-free.

1. Create A List Of Tumblr Blogs

The first step involves collecting Tumblr blogs within your niche. Go to Google and type in:

your keyword + tumblr

Search for 2-3 high quality blogs that mostly upload nice looking, non-watermarked pictures. Check if the blog is updated regularly, but make sure that the blog does not spam out hundreds of images a day. A few images a day is perfect. When you found a nice blog, add /rss/ to the URL and save it somewhere until you collected all 2-3 blogs.

The URLs need to be in the format:

You can ask the blog owners for permission.

2. Create A New RSS Feed

Now, you should combine these RSS feeds into one feed.

Go to and paste the RSS feeds of the Tumblr blogs into the textbox. Hit the “Create” button.

create a RSS mix

In the next window, you will see your new RSS feed. Save it somewhere.

3. Create A New Tumblr Account

Register a new email which you will use for the Tumblr account. For example, at

Warning! When you already have a Tumblr account or you are using this method for the second time, you need to use semi-dedicated or private proxies and delete the cookies. Check out my tutorial for using proxies and deleting all cookies.

Register a new Tumblr account.

It’s better to keep your username without a hint to adult content and then change your username later.

Write a title and a description that fit to your niche.

Verify your email address.

Go to the settings and mark your blog as NSFW (= Not Safe For Work). This gives users a hint that your blog might contains material that they do not want to click on while being at work (or while the girlfriend is watching 😉 ).

Make your Tumblr blog NSWF
Change your username to something niche related. You can use keywords if it doesn’t make the name sound odd.

Pick a theme that you like. I recommend nothing too fancy, keep it clean and simple. I prefer the theme “Observer”.

In the settings of your theme, choose “Edit theme” and then go to the “Advanced options”.

Activate “Open links in new window” and “Truncate RSS feed”. Hit “Save”.

tumblr advanced options

Done. You can change some colors or fonts if you like or just continue with the next step.

4. Create Your IFTTT Recipe

IFTTT (= IF This Then That) is an amazing website for all people who love automation. You can create hundreds of different actions with a simple scheme: if this happens then do that. For example, you could create a recipe (that’s how they call these instructions) that says: if I get a new email then send me a SMS. And guess what, when you get a new email it will automatically send you a SMS. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a recipe that posts a photo to Tumblr when it gets added to your RSS feed.

Register an account at

While in your account, click on “Create” to create a new recipe. Click on “this”.

Under “Choose Trigger Channel” choose “Feed”.

Choose Feed as Trigger in IFTTT

Click on “New feed item” and put in the link to the RSS feed you previously created at Press “Create Trigger”.

Click on “that”, choose the Tumblr symbol and activate it.

Authorize your Tumblr account.

authorize ifttt to use tumblr

Check “Use this profile on IFTTT” and press “Done”.

Click “Continue to the next step”.

Under “Choose an Action” click “Create a photo post”.

Create a photo post at IFTTT

Leave “Photo URL” at “EntryImageUrl”.

Change “Photo caption” to a short text and a link to your website. For example:
Watch [your niche] videos here:

Create some Tags related to your niche. Separate them with comma.

Leave the option for “Publish“ at “Publish now” and hit “Create Action”.

Finally, click “Create Recipe”.

Create your recipe at IFTTT

5. Done!

Each time a new photo is added to your feed, the Tumblr blog will publish a photo with a link to your adult website under it. The blog will grow and grow and grow while you are sitting in front of your desk eating peanut better. No seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Be patient, it will need some time until your blog gains momentum and people start following and reblogging it like crazy.

You can use the time to create more Tumblr blogs like this (remember that you have to use proxies + delete all cookies for the next time) or you start another adult project. For example, you could create your own porn site or an adult autoblog.

I want to read your opinion in the comments!


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