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MyThemeShop review – Free and premium responsive WordPress themes

What you are reading right now is my review of MyThemeShop. This is a theme- and plugin-provider offering free and premium themes and plugins for WordPress. One of the most important tools that a website designer, coder, or generally a website owner working with WordPress must look after are plugins and themes. When it comes to the cost-benefit ratio of theme- and plugin-providers, there isn’t a better group than the one at MyThemeShop!

These guys and gals are incredibly skillful at what they do and they know their market very well. They aren’t only designing great looking themes and useful plugins, but they rather look for what the market is in need of and what site designers all over the world are searching for. They put a lot of effort into building their products and they have a large customer base to which they can sell them to for a reason!

119 WordPress themes and plugins

Since they have started this idea back in 2011, the team from MyThemeShop has been creating themes and plugins that are focused on WordPress. All of their products can be used on any website which uses WP as its creation tool. Since then, they have created 119 products which consist of 20 WordPress plugins and 99 WordPress themes, which can be used for the creation of any WP powered site.

Out of 20 of the plugins that they have on their site, 8 are free for download, and 12 come at the price of around $30. Keep in mind that these $30 prices are a limited offer on the usual $40 price tag. Out of the 99 themes that they have on, 16 are free to download and 83 come at the price of $60, which is also a current offer as the standard price is just under $70. The beauty of the site and the prices in general is that you can buy all of these themes and plugins, which comes to 119 product, in a pack for the price of $167. Considering the fact that you can’t buy 3 themes for that price, it is more than a good bargain.


Upon entering the site, you will instantly see how professional these people tend to be. The look of their site is alone enough to tell you that they are serious about designing themes which are beautiful and extremely functional at the same time. It doesn’t come as a surprise that they have over 320,000 satisfied customers! They are focused on bringing in the maximum for everyone to enjoy. It isn’t only focused on beauty, although it is a main point in their theme development, but they also focus greatly on creating functionality as well as design.
Great customer service

When you consider becoming a customer of MTS, you should definitely look at all of the upsides of this company. The first thing that comes to mind is their customer service. They are fully aware that some people may experience issues and/or come to a point in which they find it difficult to navigate in one of their products. Of course, they have made it very easy for you to use each one of their products, but beginner website designers may come across some difficulties.
Luckily, their customer service is spectacular!

They have made it very easy for people to come in contact with them via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and they are very responsive and can easily help you resolve any issue regarding their software. All of those that are a bit confused with the product are going to get a lot out of their customer service. Whether you’re up for advice or issue resolving, these guys are more than happy to help you out!

MythemeShop – Access to Photoshop files

When you buy any one of their products, such as a theme, for instance, you get the full package. Most sites that sell templates limit you in some ways but MyThemeShop tries to avoid that. All of their themes are usable on any WP powered platform and when you buy one, you get access to the Photoshop files that were used in the process of creating the template and a demo version of the template, which is a lot considering the fact that you are paying between $60 and $70 for the product!Fast and customizable WordPress templates.

MyThemeShop has some extremely powerful templates. The best thing about them, other than the fact that they look amazing and are fully customizable, is that they are incredibly fast. These great loading speeds eliminate the bother of you wasting your time on something that you have no control over. It really boosts work efficiency and the overall flow of your site creation. If you’re working for a client, or even for yourself, this is exactly what you need in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Build-in advertisement placement system

MyThemeShop - ad management

Now, what is the thing that makes the internet such a money-making machine? Advertisement of course! Another great thing about their product is that they have created an amazing advertisement placement system which easily allows you to put ads on your site. You don’t have the bother of technicalities when installing add codes on your site as their software allows you to do just that with immense ease! All that is required from you is that you put in your add codes in a box which is already built into the template. It’s as easy as that!

Easy SEO configurations and built in social media buttons

MyThemeShop - social media buttons

Among other things, they have made their SEO configurations incredibly easy to use, and more importantly, extremely Google friendly! This will not only give you control in targeting a selected audience by using the key search words that you want easily, but it will also save you a lot of time as it is created to be easy and quick. Along with this, there are numerous built in social media buttons which easily let you connect to all of the other accounts attributed to your site.

Just a few downsites

Truth be told, there are a lot of positive remarks regarding the products on MyThemeShop. Although it is great, there are still some downsides to the products. For instance, the SEO is good but not perfect. In order to to maximize the performance of the search engine, you still need to install the SEO Yoast plugin. Another problem is that the price of the products tends to change a lot and rapidly, although it is always better for you to buy the full package.

MythemeShop – My Conclusion:

All in all, MyThemeShop is a surprisingly pleasing site considering the amount of similar sites online. It rises above others with ease and it definitely has products that are worth purchasing. It has some powerful tools that are quick, beautiful, and extremely useful whether you’re a beginner or a professional site designer. The prices are relatively cheap considering the usefulness of the tools inside and they have lots of free templates and plugins, too. Customer service is also a tool by itself and it is always there to help via support forum or email. Any one of the products on MyThemeShop is a smart buy in all means!

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