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Buy, Sell And Trade Adult Traffic With PlugRush

PlugRush is a project of a Norwegian company which allows you to buy, sell and trade traffic from adult websites. The site and its users are international.

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PlugRush features

  • many different ad formats available
  • trade traffic for free
  • PayPal payout
  • $25 withdrawal limit
  • special plugin for WordPress sites
  • monetize mobile and even AdBlock users

Costs For Advertisers/Earning Possibilities For Publishers

The costs for buying traffic and the earnings for publishing ads mainly depend on the country your traffic comes from.

A simple rule: traffic from the US is more expensive than traffic from European countries and traffic from European countries is more expensive than traffic from Asian countries. Following from that, if you have mainly American traffic you will earn more than someone with mainly Chinese traffic.

Advertisers can choose to pay only for traffic from a certain country, for 1.000 visits, mobile redirects (redirection of traffic from mobile devices), popunders, AdBlock users (to monetize users who block ads in their browser) or if the traffic should be untargeted, which is the cheapest option.

Publishers can create so-called “Adzones” on their website. As a publisher, you can choose if you want to display ads in the form of a widget, slider widget, popunder or redirect visitors who block ads/use mobile devices. All ways to monetize traffic can be combined, or you can choose specific ones only. For most publishers, it will be a good idea to use widgets, popunders and mobile redirects, as with this setup all traffic from desktop computers and mobile devices will be covered.

Trade Traffic For Free

A special feature of PlugRush is the free traffic trading with so called Plugs. Plugs are small advertisements in the form of thumbnails. You can create them with a nice looking picture and link them to your adult website. After doing so, the Plug will be displayed in the PlugRush network.

If a visitor clicks on it, they will be redirected to your website or blog. In return, your Adzone will display thumbnails that other users created. There is no limit on creating Plugs. The best thing: I often get more traffic than I sent out!

How to add a Plug in PlugRush
The traffic trade is optional. You can decide to not trade anything and instead sell all traffic.

PlugRush Payment Methods And Withdrawal Limit

Advertisers can cash in through Paxum, Redpass and wire transfer.

Publisher get paid via Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum or wire transfer.

I always want the money I earned quickly. Good that PlugRush has a short waiting period for withdrawals. All withdrawals are payed via a NET 7 plan, meaning payouts will be made 7 days after the last period (a period = Monday till Sunday). This means your money will definitely arrive in a time frame of less than two weeks.

In order to withdraw funds you need to have a minimum of $25 in your PlugRush account, which makes the border quite low compared to the industry standard.

Contact PlugRush

You can contact the PlugRush team via email, ICQ, AIM, MSN or in your account under “Support > Create Ticket”.

Earn money online with PlugRush

I earn money online with PlugRush through the adult autoblog method. In this method, I show you how build a blog that automatically publishes adult content. It gets loads of traffic from social media sites like Twitter or Tumblr – after setting it up once, the site grows on autopilot.

If you already have an adult website, you can integrate ads from PlugRush and then get adult traffic on autopilot.

Hint: When registering an account you will be asked if you want to use the account as a publisher or as an advertiser. If you want to sell traffic, choose a publisher account. If you want to buy traffic, register an advertiser account. After registering, you will be able to sell and buy traffic within one account anyway. It is just required to make this choice at the signup.

What is your experience with PlugRush? Use the star rating below or leave a message in the comments.

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