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How to Get Approved by CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue being a private CPA network means that you need to submit an application first before you can promote their offers. If you have no idea what CrakRevenue is, please check out my CrakRevenue review. The CrakRevenue team claims in their blog that about 60% of all applications are actually declined by them. This means that you need to submit a high quality application, so you can be part of the 40% happy webmasters 😉

My website got approved without being a topnotch website. It was just a simple, clean WordPress site with some adult content on it. The key part for getting accepted lays in the application itself.

Follow these points to get accepted by CrakRevenue (or any other CPA network).

Fill out all fields in the application form

You won’t be accepted if you don’t give them the information they ask for. This means that you have to fill out all textboxes without leaving a single one empty.

Be honest in your application

Think about how you would write a real job application. You would write an honest text about yourself, but without writing all the negative stuff that may exists. The same goes for your website. Be honest, without playing your site down. Be confident in your skills and in your website, this will automatically be reflected in your style of writing.

Try to minimize spelling mistakes

Use Microsoft Office Word, similar software or an online spell checker for writing your application, to minimize the risk of your text containing spelling mistakes. Don’t worry: my English skills are far from perfect, but they accepted me despite that 🙂

Mention your traffic sources in a detailed way

Explain exactly where the traffic comes from that you will be sending to CrakRevenue offers. Despite what you write in this application, you always should have several traffic sources! This ensures that there will be a stable stream of traffic, even if one traffic source stops working. At the time of writing, CrakRevenue does not allow traffic coming from comment spam, chat traffic or email/forum spam. Explain them why your traffic is sustainable and of good quality. In my opinion, the best adult traffic sources are SEO, Blogs, Media Buying and Mobile/WAP. My favorite one, because it’s so easy to obtain, is traffic from social networks.

Don’t write too much

Don’t tell them your whole life story or a lot of unnecessary details. This will make the application appear unprofessional. Come to the point precisely, but give details where necessary (for example, when you write about your traffic sources).

Mention other private CPA networks that accepted you

You already got accepted by another CPA network that required an application? Great! Be sure to mention it in the CrakRevenue application form, so they know you already have experience with CPA networks. It’s also a small psychological effect (“someone from a similar company trusted and approved this person, he/she can’t be too bad…”).

I wish you success and please let me know if they accepted your website.