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Motivation behind ProfitArmy.com

During this article, I will be sharing some personal information about my past and explain what this website is about.

My Story of Success and Failure

I came in contact with the internet quite late, at the age of 16. After using it for chatting, listening to music and finding the solutions to my homework, I was getting interested in finding if it was possible to earn money online. I found German websites that offered payment for filling out surveys. I was surprised that it worked and I earned my first few cents online. The problem was: it was nowhere near to be rewarding for the time I invested and also these survey sites had a very high payout limit.

Soon after, I found a site for German freelance writers and as I always loved to write, I tried my luck and ended up earning a few Euros. It also were way too less earnings for the time I invested and I decided to fully focus on my school career. I always stayed interested in the internet and in IT in general. At school I learned programming in Java and in my free time I learned about web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP & MySQL. I got a more professional and realistic view of the possibilities of the internet and thought that it would be a good idea to try to earn money from it again.

I started with translating Android apps from English to German for a company I found on oDesk and used my programming skills for developing small programs and websites. This was the time when I learned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I achieved to build one site that made €50/monthly via Google AdSense. This was a great success for me. I noticed that it’s definitely possible to earn money online. I mean, money that matters and not just a few cents through filling out surveys. I wanted to build more sites like this one and scale up my earnings.

Unfortunately, I received some major drawbacks. Some were personal, like the death of my best friend and others were related to making failures when building those new sites. I also invested money in things I had no idea of, which was basically lost in the end.

Before that, I had decided to study IT at the university. I dropped out after one year. Despite doing quite well and enjoying the main subject, I felt it was not fulfilling my life. To use the time until I find what I want, I did some regular work and learned a lot about internet marketing on the side.

After about one year, I decided that I want to continue studying. I decided for studying Computer Science and Social Science via distance learning. I underestimated the costs and got in financial trouble. I wanted and even needed to start my internet career again. This time with a totally different approach. I wanted to be even more organized, concentrated, realistic and the most important, I wanted to do proper research before I was doing anything. I wanted to stop the dreams of me laying on a beach with white sand, a colorful cocktail in my right hand, feeling the warmth of the sunbeams and smelling the salty seawater eeeeeehh sorry, I’m dreaming again.

I stumbled over forums like BlackHatWorld and WarriorForum, where people were claiming to earn serious amounts of money online. To make a long story short, I found that the majority of those people were plainly lying or exaggerating about their earnings. Many gave their money making methods to the public and I often had the feeling that they have not actually tried these methods themselves or the earning possibilities they claimed were not realistic. Fortunately, I could change some methods to actually make them work, improve the methods of others and I even created my own ones.

What is ProfitArmy.com?

ProfitArmy.com is a place where I write about methods for earning money online that do actually work. I have tested them myself and I will write detailed guides that help you to repeat me or even create your own, better way of doing it. At the beginning of such a method, there will be a short overview of how much you can earn with it. And unlike other people who do similar things I won’t claim that you can make $2,375,423 within 2 hours of work. I want to stay realistic and I don’t want to make any false claims towards you. I am not rich. I am no guru who knows everything. I am just a regular superhero 😉

I want to be fully honest and this includes that I’m being transparent in saying that I’m using affiliate links on this website to earn money myself. Regardless, I only recommend products, services and websites I personally use and believe will be helpful for you, too.

I want this website to be like a small community. This is the reason I called it “ProfitArmy“. Everyone should help each other while we are all earning money online. I want to help and get helped, read your criticisms and hopefully have some funny conversations. Please don’t flame me for my spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m not a native speaker, but a Kraut-eater.

Now, leave me a comment or start browsing around the website!


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