featured image – Proxy Service has been the proxy provider of my choice for over two years. They are showing humor on their homepage (“We change our servers more often than our underwear”) while providing professional proxy services. It is the perfect place for getting your private and semi dedicated proxies. website screenshot

Check out the features in a quick overview.


  • Fresh proxies every 30 days
  • Cheap prices
  • No program restrictions (Black Hat tools welcome)
  • Choose between proxies located in Europe or the US
  • Fast support


You can buy either semi dedicated proxies, which are shared between you and two other users, or dedicated proxies, which are only for you. I have explained the differences und use cases of the different kinds of proxies here.

Prices are starting from

  • $10/month for 10 semi dedicated proxies
  • $20/month for 10 dedicated proxies

Shortly after signing up, you will get an email with the proxies inside. You can also log into your account and navigate to “My proxies”. All proxies are listed there.

This is how the client area looks like:

Screenshot of the client area

What payment methods does offer?

You can pay your proxies via PayPal, Perfect Money and Payza. The proxies will be paid automatically each month. You can cancel or suspend the subscription whenever you like.

How will answer my questions?

You can ask your questions via a support ticket. This is also possible for people who haven’t registered an account yet.

Like I’ve written above, I’ve been a member for over two years and “Number of Support Tickets” in my account says that I submitted only nine tickets in the whole time. Three of them being related to upgrading my account. All tickets have been answered in less than 24 hours. This is no wonder, as they claim to be available 24/7 and to not have any social life.

What a bunch of nerds 😀 Review

I’m not alone with my positive opinion about them. On their Fiverr gig, there are nearly 3000 reviews with 100% positive rating. 5 star fiverr rating

However, I recommend to not buy their gig from Fiverr as the price is more expensive than on the website. The reason might be the 20% Fiverr fee they have to cover.

How to use proxies?

If you are wondering what exactly proxies are and how you can use them, I’ve explained this and even more in my tutorial on how to use proxies and delete all cookies.

Special advice

You can change the default format IP:Port:Username:Password to whatever format you need (e.g. for a certain SEO software).

If you do not want to type in username and password every time you use a proxy, you can activate the feature “IP authentication” in your account. This will assign your IP address to the proxies and therefore make password authentication unnecessary.

When a proxy has been blacklisted by a website you can write a support ticket and you will get a new proxy, free of charge! However, I recommend to not abuse this kind of extra service or it might get limited for everyone.

What’s your experience with Leave me a comment or rate your experience underneath.

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