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Clickbank And YouTube: The $5 Actor Method

This is the first method of many on how to earn money online through Clickbank and YouTube.

This method requires you to pick a Clickbank product and then hire an actor for $5 to make a review of the product on camera. You will then upload this video to YouTube with a link to your squeeze page for the Clickbank product.

Investment needed:$5 + a domain and web hosting
Working hours:1 - 2h
Earning possibilities:approx. $10-$50 per sale (depends on the Clickbank product)
Skills needed:None!

1. Choose a Clickbank product

The first step is to find a Clickbank product you like to promote. I recommend to choose a niche you have knowledge of, e.g. something related to your hobbies or your job. Think about how you can describe this niche with a keyword.

One of my biggest hobbies is gaming, so I’ll be using this as example. Please note that gaming is just an example. This method works with every niche out there!

I type “gaming” into to find the best performing Clickbank products for my niche.

Use cbengine to find well performing Clickbank products

Cbengine will now show a list of all Clickbank products containing this keyword. If you are not happy with the presented products, just try other keywords.

The two most important values are “Gravity” and “Avg $/sale“.

The Gravity value should be higher than 20. This value indicates how well other affiliates are doing at selling the product. If the product’s landing page is shit or there is no request for the product, the number will most likely be low.

The Avg $/sale indicates how much you’ll get for referring a customer who buys the product. Check for products that pay at least $10. Most will pay more anyways! Click on the „i“ symbol in cbengine to view the Avg $/sale.

Choose one of the Clickbank products CBengine presents you

As you will be most likely be presented with a range of products, it’s a good idea to choose the one with the highest Gravtity and Avg $/sale. In my example, it is clearly the product “Video Game Tester Jobs“. However, you also have to consider that the higher the Gravity is the more competition you’ll probably have.

2. Define the target audience

You should have found a well performing product using cbengine. It’s time to define the target audience of this product to tailor a testimonial to this audience and find the perfect actor.

I think that the target audience of the “video game tester” product is male, 18-30 years old and interested in gaming/IT.

How did I come up with that?

It’s a fact that most gamers are male. People under 18 will often be too young to work by law or not have enough funds for buying the product. Most people older than 30 will already have a job + the interest in gaming is generally lower in this age group.

When you are defining a target audience it is one of the few times when you need to put people into categories. So of course I know that there are a lot of female gamers and older/younger people interested in becoming a game tester, but this does not matter here. I want to reach out to most people in this niche, not to everyone.

Later, on the other hand, there might be the chance to target other groups within the niche.

3. Hire an actor for $5

No, I did not went crazy. 😀 It’s possible to hire amateur actors for $5 on Fiverr.

Go to and type in “testimonial”. You’ll be presented with people offering to act and read a script for $5.

Examples of actors offering testimonial videos on Fiverr

Search until you find a person that is exactly in the target audience.

Choosing a lovely 60 year old grandma for a video game testing product would be funny, but she would surely not be someone the target audience of young males could identify with. The more similar the actor is to the person watching the testimonial, the more powerful the psychological effect will be.

Almost all actors will have an example video. You should watch that to see if the person can act quite naturally, or if it is more like a random person reading a script word for word.

Keep an eye on the amount of words or minutes the person will speak for $5. There are huge price differences, so you should always compare. However, don’t be a cheapskate. When you found the perfect actor for the product then choose him or her even if you have to order several gigs.

4. Write a testimonial

You found a product, defined the target audience and hired an actor, now you’ll need to write a review or testimonial of the product.

The actors won’t write a testimonial of a Clickbank product for you.

I never recommend something without having tested it myself. For example, I’m really using all the tools and services I recommend on my resources page. This also means that I’m buying every Clickbank before recommending it.

I just don’t want to put my face on camera and talk with a funny German accent (“Hello, zis iz my review off ze video game testing Cliggbank produkkt”). So the actor is basically my spokesperson, talking about my real and honest opinion.

However, you could also search on Google for the product name + clickbank review to find reviews of real people. Theoretically, you could simply copy and paste such a review. If you decide for not testing the product yourself, I’d recommend to just use those reviews as template for writing your own one.

Use Google Search to find reviews of Clickbank products

The testimonial also doesn’t need to appear as a testimonial for a Clickbank product at all. “You” could explain how “you” solved problem xy (and at the end mentioning the Clickbank product as big help).

For example, I could give the testimonial a title like this and write it accordingly:

  • Video Game Tester Jobs Clickbank product review

or I could stay more general. This has also the effect that I am attracting not only people interested in the Clickbank product, but also a wider range of the target audience, including people that never heard of Clickbank before.

Topics like this could look like:

  • How I paid my debt through playing video games
  • How I made gaming my day job
  • I’m a professional video game tester – Learn how you can become one too!
  • How I overcame [problem] – My story
  • How I solved [problem] within 3 days

5. Create a squeeze page

You cannot link directly from YouTube to Clickbank. The video would be banned quickly otherwise. Therefore, you need to create a web property in between both: a squeeze or landing page.

The page should be clean and simple. Not much text, no navigation or other distracting stuff. Please refer to my guide on how to create landing pages in WordPress.

You need a domain and web hosting if you don’t have that already.

It is a good idea to collect email addresses of the visitors and then monetize them several times through email marketing. You could also offer an incentive here, like a small ebook or a PLR product.

Another way is to presell the product by writing in a few sentences what the product is about, why they should get and where they can find it (obviously by clicking on your affiliate link 😛 ).

Those two options are proven to work or you could even create a combination of both, e.g. after they put in their email address, they’ll be redirected to the presell page of the product.

A good trick is to keep the landing or squeeze page very similar to the sales page. Everything should be as smooth as possible for the visitors, so I’m often replicating the colors and layout of the sales page and just shorten and adjust the text.

I also recommend to create several landing or squeeze pages. You can then split test them to find the best performing page using my split testing tutorial.

Split testing with Google Analytics Web Experiments

6. Upload the video on YouTube

Create a new YouTube channel or use an existing one if it somehow fits to the channel name and topic.

Upload the video the actor sent you, give it the title you previously defined and write a keyword rich description of a few hundred words.

It’s very important that you do not auto approve comments. Competitors and regular people will come and leave their bullshit comments. You want to filter those out and only leave positive, neutral or constructive feedback.

That’s it!

However, to really get the maximum value out of the video you have to rank it on YouTube. This is something I will be showing you another time. Make sure to subscribe to this blog, so you won’t miss it!


  • Pick a well performing Clickbank product using cbengine
  • Define the target audience of this product
  • Hire an actor fitting in this target audience for $5
  • Write a text the actor has to speak on camera
  • Create a squeeze page for the Clickbank product
  • Upload the actor’s video on YouTube linking to the squeeze page


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